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Happy New Year from the MLRG!

This blog is a place for the University of Guelph Machine Learning Research Group (MLRG) to share research, tutorials, news, and more. First time visitors are encouraged to check out the post archive page to see an archive of all blog posts, or the tags archive page for an archive of all blog posts sorted by tags. As well, you can visit us on github. Some things to note:

  • Posts marked with the symbol are authored by members of the MLRG, but reside on an external site.
  • Members of the MLRG who wish to contribute must first sign up for a github account and request to become a member of the uoguelph-mlrg github organziation.
  • Posts are authored in markdown and equations are rendered using mathjax.
  • This site was built using jekyll and is hosted using github pages.